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Sheryl Holmes
United Kingdom
If you have a case, come to me. I can solve it. After all, I am a Holmes. Technically.

:bulletblack:RP account for the #SherlockBBC-RP-DA group.:bulletblack:
:bulletblack:Account Controlled By: KeiraTehKewl

((Also, I've just changed her icon/ID, because I found a cosplayer that is just about perfect, and I figured a real picture would be more suitable than a drawing.
In case any of you were wondering.))
"Yes. I understand, Dr. Stapleton."

"Sheryl, really, I'm serious. You have to keep a low profile. It's for your own sake as much as Baskerville's."

"I know. You tell me every single week; I'm not likely to forget it anytime soon." Sheryl tapped her foot impatiently against the edge of the sofa.

There was a pause on the other end of the line, and then Dr. Stapleton's voice came again, sounding wary. "...Sheryl..."

Sheryl made in indignant scoffing noise and cried into her mobile, "For heaven's sakes, I'm not stupid, Stapleton!"

Another brief silence.

"I know you're not, Sheryl. I know that above all people. I created you, I know exactly what you are, who you are like. Do you think that I could not? But, the fact remains that you need to be more cautious. I don't want to have to bring you back to Baskerville."

It was Sheryl's turn to say nothing for a time.


She glared at a stain on the ancient carpet, and finally, her voice startlingly flat and void of emotion, said, "I hate talking on the phone. I'm texting you next week."

"Sheryl, w--"


Sheryl snapped the phone shut and stared at it for a moment. Then, her gaze hardened into a hateful stare, and with an outraged yell, she hurled the phone toward the opposite wall, hard. It hit with a satisfyingly loud thud, and fell to the floor.

Sheryl huffed in annoyance and pushed herself off the sofa to retrieve her phone. She bent to pick it up, and swore under her breath when she saw the large crack running across the screen. She closed her eyes and ran a hand through her hair, and then tossed the phone onto the sofa, where it bounced and slipped between two cushions.

Sheryl stomped to her coat rack and threw on her blazer and woolen coat.

Several minutes later, she found herself outside, heels clicking against the pavement at a swift pace. The cool air hit her face like a slap, waking her up and making her thoughts move even more quickly.

Or at least, her thoughts would have been moving more quickly, had they not been focused on the sole task of fuming and sulking.

Intensely focused as she was, Sheryl didn't really notice where her feet were taking her, and so it was with surprise that she found herself in front of a tiny cafe. She gave a mental shrug and stepped inside, joining the throng waiting to order their various drinks and sandwiches.

After a time, it was her turn to order. The boy manning the counter had an obnoxiously 'hip' look to him and was smacking away at a piece of gum. Sheryl curled her lip slightly in distaste, but rattled off her order nonetheless.

"Small coffee, black, two sugars, please."

The boy chewed for a second as he typed it into a small screen and then asked, without bothering to look up, "For here or to go?"

Sheryl gave him a withering look, and replied testily, "Does it honestly matter? It's coffee. It's in the same container either way."

The boy looked up at her finally, and smacked on his gum as he said in a tone that made it clear he was dealing with an idiot, "I've gotta ask. It's my job."

Sheryl did not appreciate that tone. She shifted her weight ever-so-slightly and cast a quick eye over the boy, and then hissed, "I'll have it 'to go', then. And you may tell your boss, or should I say, girlfriend, when you see her tonight that you were not shirking in your duty. Oh, actually, on second thought, you may want to just keep your trap shut. Might accidentally say something about your other girlfriend, if you're not careful."

The boy stopped chomping and stared at her, looking more than a bit freaked out.

Sheryl let out a huff and snapped, "So, how much will it be?"

"Uhh..." He blinked rapidly, and typed something into the computer, casting quick nervous glances back at his customer. "Uh, that'll be £3.50."

Sheryl dug the money from a pocket and deposited it on the counter. "Thank you," she said, a bit venomously. "Keep the change." With that, she turned to stand to the side and wait for her drink.

((Gaaahhhh, sorry if that's a bit difficult to do anything with. I thought I had a good idea of where I was gonna take it, but then...turns out not. Whoops. ^^;
I guess your character could have overheard the little exchange or something??? I dunno. Feel free to do whatever you want with it. I'll just roll with the punches :D))
  • Listening to: The hum of the cafe.
  • Watching: Various people as they catch my attention.

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